Vintage Airplane Bedroom

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Vintage Airplane Bedroom

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Hello there! Recently, I put together an inspiration board for one of my cousins. She’s working on putting her boys bedroom together and she wanted something different than the old bright red car bed! She’s looking into neutral colors and her theme will be vintage airplanes. When she relayed the plans to me I was super stoked as this theme was just so cute I couldn’t pass without offering my help! After a few hours of stalking pinterest I came up with an inspiration board. I wanted to make a blog post on this board because I wanted to give you all an idea of how you can achieve this look. Remember, I decorate on a budget so I’m going to keep this as simple as possible 🙂

For the rug, I recommend Rugs USA. That’s where I purchase mostly all my rugs and they always have great sales! A striped rug is fun and stylish and the grey is a perfect color to tie in with this theme 🙂 I found this one to be similar.

Paper mache letters to spell the word FLY. Cute! You can paint these if you like but I prefer to leave them the way they are 😉

An old vintage school desk. I see a lot of these on Craigslist from time to time. This piece will be great for the oldest boy to complete his homework and plus it’s too darn cute!

Let’s talk about the bed. Now, if you have some already by all means use them! No need to spend more when you can use what you have 😉 If you would like one similar to the picture, I would definitely hit up Goodwill or your local thrift shops. I’m also a regular on Craigslist 😉 This style of bed can be fairly expensive and if you plan on having a shared bedroom I definitely recommend second hand.

Another great place where you can find great quality stuff for a reasonable price is Ikea.

ikea-bed This is a twin bed from Ikea for under $200 🙂

Bedding is my favorite because no matter what kind of bed you end up with the bedding will always outdo! I love the look of neutral bedding. Simple and classic!

HÄXÖRT Duvet cover and pillowcase(s) IKEA Feels crisp and cool against your skin as it’s made of cotton percale, densely woven from fine yarn.

This Duvet is from Ikea right under $40!

I like to mix different textures and linen is one of my favorites. This linen pillowcase retails for $12.99 online H&M home store! I usually buy my decorative pillow covers from there 😉

This airplane decorative pillow will make a great statement to your bedding decor! You can find it here at a reasonable price!

White sheets can be purchased just about anywhere. My favorite place to get sheets is from Target 🙂

What’s a boys room without toys right? I want to recommend this piece from Walmart.. 

I have one of these in my kids playroom and it is soooo pretty! I would also check out Ikea as they have many similar choices and at a reasonable price.

Image result for better homes and garden baskets

These baskets can also be purchased from Walmart and they are very deep which is great for toys!

A gallery wall of vintage airplanes above the cubby would be perfect! You can purchase frames just about anywhere but I would recommend Ikea’s RIBBA frames. Their frames are attractive yet very inexpensive!

RIBBA Frame IKEA Can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit in the space available. The mat is acid-free and will not discolor the picture.

Vintage airplanes. I found free printables that you could save onto your computer and print them out to be framed here or you can always go online and look up “free vintage airplane printables.”

Vintage lights are hard to come across now a days but you might run into some at your local antique store so keep a lookout! Because these are very popular right now they may charge you an arm and a leg. Lowes carries some nice ones but I just checked out Amazon and came across this Industrial Light

I hope you enjoyed this inspiration board. I’m looking into doing these more often!













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