Hello readers, it’s been a while! Today, I’m going to share a little of my boys room. We live in a small house so we don’t really have a playroom which means that my boys keep most of their toys in their bedroom. They have all kinds of toys. One thing my 3 year old loves is his toy cars. He’s always playing with them and leaving them just about anywhere. Trust me, you never want to step on one of those! I wanted a place for him to put his cars neatly and…in which ever order he wanted as long as they are NOT on the floor! A couple of month’s ago I scored on this old Coca-Cola crate from my local antique store. I’ve always wanted one but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. I’m weird like that 😉 After sitting in my basement for weeks (because that’s where everything goes when I don’t know what to do with it) I decided that this old thang was going to be a toy car garage!  DSC00830 Daddy hung it on the wall for us and my 3 year old loves it.  DSC00824 And so does Mom!

Re-purposing old or new items is a great way to save money! Here is another example.. DSC00839 wait for it.. DSC00838 This is a boot tray from Target that I no longer use and instead of tossing it in the basement, it now serves as a tray for my 7 year old’s “unorganized” toys! The best part is that he can slide it underneath his dresser so no one can see it!

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