DIY Industrial Shelf

DIY Industrial Shelf

Hello Readers. It’s Monday and surprisingly I’m in a great mood. Today, I would like to share with you this industrial shelf my husband made for the boys room. I’m in the process of re-decorating the room and I really wanted a shelf where I could place décor or things the boys cannot reach for. That’s why this shelf is placed high near the return vent. My boys love playing with all sorts of balls and since I do not allow any ball playing in my home I think this shelf is the perfect place to keep them! Keep reading to see how we made this shelf for less than $25! DSC00403 You will need 4 galvanized pipe floor flanges. I bought mine from Menards and they cost me 3.09 a piece (this will be the most expensive buy for the project).

You will need 2    3/4 90 degree galvanized pipe street elbow. At Menards they cost 1.86 a piece.

You will need 2    3/4 x 4″ galvanized pipe nipple. They cost me 1.23 a piece. DSC00379-1 You will then need wood. The size can be to your liking but I wanted the shelf to be thick so I went with a 2×10. I also purchased my wood from Menards and I always buy from their scrap section so this piece only cost me 6 bucks! DSC00395 Now we have to stain the wood. I already had these stains on hand but you can purchase them at Menards for a few dollars. First, I applied the special walnut all over the entire piece with a rag. I just dip my rag into the stain and then apply it onto the wood. You want to wipe on and then wipe off. Note: start off with little on your rag and just add more stain if you would like the wood to be darker. DSC00384 At first, I liked the light coat of special walnut but then I decided that it was a bit too light. Instead of adding more special walnut, I decided to add some gray. I applied the weathered gray all over the entire piece the same way I had done with the first stain. However, I did apply the second stain with a very light coat because I did not want the piece to look too gray. And this is how it turned out.. DSC00396 Beautiful right?

This next step I always do whenever I stain wood. DSC00432 This is a wax that finishes off the look on any stained piece! Simply apply the wax with a rag just as you did with the stain. I really recommend this step if you plan on staining wood. This can also be purchased at Menards. DSC00406 I just love the polished look the wax gives! DSC00428 DSC00414 DSC00430

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